Court Testimony
Property Types

When the value of a property becomes an issue for the courts, the judge and/or the jury look to a valuation expert to provide a professional opinion pertaining to the problem. Acting as expert witness, the real estate appraiser’s designations set the foundation of experience and credibility necessary to defend or challenge the valuation presented.

If you, or clients you represent, are likely to be in court on a real estate related conflict, a highly experienced valuation expert with the requisite designations can provide expert witness testimony in support of your case. 

Clients often retain Don to initiate an appraisal and act as expert witness in court proceedings. Alternatively, Don may be retained to conduct a review of an appraisal done by others and testify in court on his findings. 

 Regardless of the opinions offered, the judge and or jury will weigh in their own mind the value of the facts presented, and will consider the source.